Power Supply Board

This power supply board is used whenever a black start capability of an inverter is appreciated. It takes power directly from the battery and converts it into 230 V single-phase.  In order to accommodate the inrush of large contactors with 230 Vac coils, the power supply has a short-time overload capability of 1000%.

A differently wired version of this board can be used to supply a single-phase ventilator with a variable-frequency voltage. Frequency, and thus speed, is controlled by two binary inputs which can be derived for example from thermal sensors.

No galvanic separation between input and output is provided.

Both variants are in use in the battery storage projects Bronsbergen and Smart Storage.

If combined with a suitable input filter, this power supply can be used also in tramway or metro systems, to power wayside equipment directly from the traction voltage.


Technical specifications:

Input voltage 600-900 Vdc
No-load input current 17 mA @ 800 V
Output voltage (power supply version) 230 V, 50 Hz
Output voltages (ventilator supply version) 30/35/40/50 Hz, voltage proportional to frequency
Rated output current 2 A
Short-term overload output current 20 A, 100 ms

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