Peak shaving system – 15 kVA, 10 kWh

EMPEQ supplied a complete storage system for peak shaving at the end of a long distribution cable. The cable feeds a number of homes and a pumping station, which regulates the water level in a polder. If the pumps are running at full power, the distribution voltage drops below its statutory limit. As this happens only very occasionally, reinforcement of the distribution network is not economical. A storage system operating as a peak shaver is a more cost effective solution.

Technical specifications:

Rated power 15 kVA
Battery system LiFePO4
Battery capacity 30 x 160 Ah
Rated AC voltage 230 V three-phase
Rated AC current 25 A
Rated DC input voltage 100 V
Mass (converter cubicle only) 120 kg
Remote control VPN via embedded computer

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