Inverter Control Board

All inverters produced by EMPEQ are based on the same architecture and use the same control hardware. This is built around a microcontroller from the Texas Instrument TMS320 series. In addition to the microcontroller, the control board contains all hardware for:

  • interfacing to one three-phase or three single-phase intelligent power modules including current measurement;
  • measurement of three AC phase voltages;
  • measurement of two DC currents including overcurrent protection;
  • four binary inputs;
  • five relay outputs, one of which directly controlled by all hardware protections;
  • serial interface for programming and supervisory control.

All interfaces are galvanically isolated from the microcontroller circuitry.

Technical specifications:

Supply voltage 24Vdc
Current consumption 300 mA + consumption of power modules
Test voltage IO circuits-processor 2500 V
Processor, up to version 20070101 v3.x TMS320LF2406

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