Inverter – 4 x 100 kVA – for utility battery storage

These inverters have been supplied to the Dutch distribution network operator Enexis, for their R&D project Smart Storage. The storage system will be installed in the village of Etten-Leur, in a network branch with a high penetration of residential PV systems.

The control systems of the inverters enable seamless transition from grid-connected to islanded operation and automatic load sharing between inverters without any communication link or master-slave function.

The inverters can supply a fault current of 2.8 times their rated current, in order to ensure selectivity of the network’s protection systems during islanded operation.

In order to accommodate the typically asymmetric load of an LV distribution network, the neutral connections of the inverters can be loaded with the full rated phase current.

All auxiliary power is generated directly from the battery voltage using a separate power supply, so that the inverter can be used for black starting the microgrid.

Cooling air is circulated by a variable-speed ventilator. The speed is varied as a function of the internal temperature of the inverter.

Technical specifications:

(per inverter)

Rated power

100 kVA

Rated AC voltage

230 V three-phase

Rated AC current

145 A

Max. AC fault current

400 A, 5 s

Rated DC voltage

650..850 V


300 kg

Control characteristic

active power/frequency and
reactive power/voltage droops

Remote control

LAN via embedded computer



Interior of 100 kVA inverter

Smart Storage Unit, Etten-Leur

Smart Storage Unit, Etten-Leur

Smart Storage Unit being installed

Smart Storage Unit being installed

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